Sunday in the Park with Pride Society (SPPS) is a registered non-profit society dedicated to creating community for LGBTQ2 (lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer, two-spirit) youth on the Sunshine Coast. Through our activities, the Society aims to increase visibility; provide queer youth with the means and opportunity to create community both with their peers and the wider LGBTQ2 community; foster connections and understanding among these communities as well as the wider Coast community; and celebrate LGBTQ2 culture on the Coast, making the Sunshine Coast a truly safe and welcoming place where queer youth can thrive.

The Society pursues this goal by producing Sunday in the Park with Pride (an annual outdoor picnic in celebration of LGBTQ2 Pride), Read Out Loud (an all-ages literary event), My Big Gay Prom (exclusively for LGBTQ2 & Allies youth) and other all-ages and youth events and programs throughout the year. We facilitate three monthly drop-in groups: an LGBTQ2 & Allies Youth group, an all-ages Transgender Mentorship & Support Network, and Families for Sexuality and Gender Acceptance (F-SAGA, especially to support parents of LGBTQ2 children, as well as family members and friends who want to become better allies.) These programs provide tools and support for queer youth in accordance with their needs and requests, as well as building a stronger community to support them.

In addition to this programming, SPPS has published two editions of Pride Guide  a magazine showcasing LGBTQ2 people, arts and culture on the Sunshine Coast. All profits from the magazine (ad revenue) support SPPS programming.