Pride Guide celebrates LGBTQ2 people, arts and culture, showcasing the Sunshine Coast as the best rural destination for LGBTQ2 visitors and a welcoming and safe place to call home.

Pride Guide is published annually, with distribution throughout the year.
All profits support Sunday in the Park with Pride Society, a non-profit dedicated to improving the lives of LGBTQ2 youth on the Sunshine Coast.

Pride Guide Ads Say More

  • You are a member of our queer/queer-friendly community. Your ad doesn’t simply share the name of your business, but demonstrates to readers that the Coast is a safe and welcoming place.
  • Niche publication means your ad reaches a highly engaged readership.
    You will get a compelling ad designed by the same team behind ZOOM magazine.
  • Your ad maintains a year-round presence with distribution up and down theCoast, on BC Ferries, as well as in strategic locations in Vancouver.
  • Your ad will appear in both print and digital editions of the magazine.(Digital edition available for free download at PrideGuide.ca.)
  • Your advertising dollars go to support Sunday in the Park with Pride Society,a registered non-profit dedicated to improving the quality of life for one of ourmost vulnerable populations on the Sunshine Coast, LGBTQ2 youth.

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We live in an awesome place. Let’s share the good news!

We think the whole world should know how incredibly LGBTQ2-welcoming and inclusive it is on the Sunshine Coast.
Pride Guide is a free annual magazine showcasing LGBTQ2 people, arts, culture and queer/queer-friendly businesses on the Sunshine Coast. Through dynamic, original reporting and elegant design, Pride Guide not only draws LGBTQ2 visitors to the Coast, but provides an informational hub for the local community. Through celebrating queer culture on the Sunshine Coast, Pride Guide fosters connections and understanding both among the LGBTQ2 community as well as the wider Coast community so the next generation can thrive right here at home.

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