Best-Dressed PET PARADE:

For all LGBTQ2+ and Allies Pets!!

Here’s the scoop:

  • Have your human fill out the Pet parade registration form.
  • Get dolled up in your Pride best. Don’t skimp on rainbows and camp.
  • Have someone video you as you walk your human around. If you are able to walk around nicely without your human on the end of the leash, have your human video you walking by yourself.
  • Be sure to display your glamour and style.
  • Do you have a special skill (like shaking a paw or some super-useful thing)? Have your human video you in action.
  • Your human can also submit photos to support your specialness.
  • Have your human make sure everything is labelled properly.
  • Your human can then submit both the registration form and the video (and photos, if you have some) by clicking on the button below.

Please email Laurie if you have questions:


Click here to submit your Best-Dressed Pet Parade video