SC Gender-Diverse Network Group (formerly Trans Mentorship and Support Network) @ on Zoom
Dec 9 @ 6:00 pm – 8:00 pm

Sunshine Coast Gender-Diverse

Support Network


This is the new permanent Zoom link for this group:

Topic: Sunshine Coast Gender-Diverse Network

Time: Thursday, Feb 11th from 6-8pm

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The purpose of the SC Gender-Diverse Support Network is to provide a safe and supportive space for those who are personally exploring gender, gender identity, in the process of transitioning, or seeking their trans and gender-diverse community. If you identify as trans, queer, non-binary, genderqueer, gender fluid, two-spirit, or are questioning where your place is on the gender spectrum, this group is for you. 

This group is presently run in collaboration with Youth Outreach from Sunshine Coast Community Services.

We are fully aware of the immense challenges that exist in the world for our trans community. This group is meant to be a sanctuary. Our focus is on where we as individuals are right now, and how we can be both present and forward-moving in our lives.

Amongst us, we have a wealth of experience with and knowledge around queer/trans-aware healthcare practitioners, transitioning, navigating the legal system, coming out, online resources, and how to just stay healthy. 

As group members, we listen, we offer support and encouragement, and we share information.

The facilitator holds the space for participants, listens, and initiates discussion or the sharing of information. On occasion, we will employ a timer to ensure that everyone gets an equal chance to speak. You don’t have to stop speaking the moment the timer goes off, but we ask that you be aware when it does and finish up. 

Please be mindful that this is an all-ages, shared space.  As such, please maintain appropriate tone and language of topics and conversations.

The SC Gender-Diverse Support Network is not equipped to offer professional counselling. We encourage participants to find an appropriate counsellor for this work. The facilitator and other members of the group often have information about accessing trans/queer-aware counselling and mental health supports.

We meet on Zoom the 2nd Thursday of each month from 6 – 8:00 PM PST. You can contact the facilitator (Shayne) and find more information here: 


Sunshine Coast Community Services

Youth Outreach

Insta: @scyouthoutreach

FB: @scyouthoutreach