🌈Queer Art Show: Performing Flux

June 12, 2020 – July 12, 2020 all-day
Sunshine Coast Art Centre
5714 Medusa St.

Performing Flux

Featuring the works of Craig Cochrane (photography), Jan Legault (mixed media), Marilyn Marshall (acrylics) and Romi Kim (video).

As the fifth anniversary of the Sunshine Coast LGBTQ2+ art show, the works in photography, video, paint and ink explore issues of gender, identity, and sexuality. Capturing for a moment in time what is in a perpetual state of flux, the works have a wonderful resonance for the pauses, suspensions and changes we are all experiencing during the pandemic.

As we move through the world we are constantly reacting and adapting to the persistent stream of information and stimuli flowing around us. Times change, perceptions shift. Things are in motion, creating uncertainty but also infinite possibilities, transformations and re-inventions. In a society where the definitions of male and female are fluctuating, how does that affect how we interact with the world and the diversity of people in it? Is who we were yesterday, individually
and collectively, still hold true for who we are today? And how do representations of bodies (ours and others) become a medium for expressing this?

June 12 to July 12
Sunshine Coast Art Centre    A pre-opening artists talk takes place on Zoom Sunday, June 7 at 2pm.
More info at: facebook.com/performingflux and sunshinecoastartscouncil.com

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