SITPWP Volunteer Sign-Up Form

Sunday, June 24th, 2018

Fill in the activities to the right that you’d like to volunteer at.

Details of the during event activities

During the Event

Lawn Games

F-SAGA booth : Also known as the Rehydration Station, you will be giving out H2O and watermelon, spraying sunscreen, and creating community and offering support to other parents and family of LGBTQ2 youth. And letting everyone know about the F-SAGA monthly group.

Photographers: Just shoot lots of photos.

Crafts/Activities: You will be assisting with any number of the myriad of rainbow crafts and LGBTQ2 games and activities that are being run by each booth. You can even make some suggestions for an activity that you would like to run.

We’re Here for You(th) Lounge: This is the big tent lounge for all the young people at the event. Your job is to greet young people when they walk by or walk in, make sure the drink cooler is full, that there are enough potato chips, that no one’s wrestling for the photo booth, and that any information that’s laid out is in order. Really, it’s just about hanging out with the best of them. You may be called upon to converse too.