Sunday in the Park with Pride 2019

Volunteer Sign-Up Form

Sunday, June 23th, 2019

Pre-Event Set-Up

We need help setting up tents, tables, chairs and decorating the park.

Assistant to the Volunteer Coordinator

Mariam is our volunteer coordinator. She is awesome, and you will enjoy working with her. Your job is to help get volunteer names, give out name tags, maybe bring coffee, maybe distribute t-shirts. It’s lots of little tasks with a whole lot of people. If you like talking to people, this one’s for you.


Your job is to take pictures all day.


Parade Control: You manage the parade walkers, and make sure everyone  stays on the path.

Assistant Traffic Control: You will be assisting Traffic Control people to ensure cars slow down when going through Davis Bay.

Ballon Creatures with Kevin Rolston

Balloon Creature Assistants:  You will help Kevin organize and inflate balloons. He’ll probably teach you how to make a creature or two.

BC Responsible Gambling

GAM_IQ  Quiz: You will go around with iPads asking people to do an interactive quiz with five questions related to gambling facts and myths. This position requires one meeting with Dawna, the awesome person who works with this group, prior to the event.

Project Brick:Transformation

We’re painting rocks!  You’ll be overseeing 40 little cans of paint and a pile of rocks, and helping people paint their rock.

Bracelets Beads and Bedazzling

What’s Sunday in the Park with Pride without crafts? We have pony beads, friendship bracelet thread, and of course the Bedazzler. Your job is to help people make beautiful things with all these materials.

Rehydration Station

This is traditionally the meeting place for parents. We need people to do shifts giving out watermelon and water, and possibly sunscreen. It’s also the information booth and the First Aid Station. Someone else will be in charge of first aid. We will make sure you are familiar with all the information that people might ask.

Sweets Table

Your job is to do a stint selling cookies. All profits from these cookies go to Sunday in the Park with Pride Society.

Karaoke/Open Mic

Your job is to run Youtube and make sure we can find the proper tracks.


Your job is to make sure everyone feels welcome at our event. Just go up to people and welcome them, and ask if there is anything you can do for them. Sometimes, a person is too shy to approach another person with whom they want to speak. Sometimes, a person doesn’t know where to find something. Sometimes, you might know someone who can be helpful to the person. It’s a lot of fun, just speaking to everyone. If you want to be an ambassador, please write it in the Special Requests and Other Information box.

After Event:

We need help taking down the tents and putting things away.