Laurie Lesk, Director
Laurie is the founding director of the Society and co-editor of Pride Guide. A Nice Jewish Girl from Cote St. Luc, Laurie worked for many years as a composer and music director for theatre in Montreal and later Vancouver. She has written and co-written several musicals for young people, specifically, which have been produced at venues such as Arts Umbrella, and has worked with young people from ages six to nineteen in a variety of settings, including theatre, choirs, youth groups and arts and culture events.

In 2015, after identifying an absence of young people at LGBTQ2 events, Laurie decided to go out and find them. She believes change happens one person at a time, and for the last two years has spoken to numerous LGBTQ2 youth, health care providers, business owners, community services workers and many more to help create a safer and more welcoming community for LGBTQ2 youth on the Sunshine Coast. In 2017, Laurie received a commendation from the SCRD for her work with Sunday in the Park with Pride Society in its “continuing effort to give the LGBTQ2 community an easier path to follow, build on and transform.”

Reegan MacKenzie, Director
Reegan MacKenzie is a self-identified lesbian that acts as the Youth Representative on Sunday in the Park with Pride Society’s board of directors. She attended the Elphinstone Secondary GSA on and off for four years because she was trying to pass as a straight ally, therefore, she could not get too excited about issues pertaining to the LGBTQ2+ community! She infamously met Laurie Lesk for the first time at GSA and squealed, “I didn’t know there were OLD gay people on the Coast!” Laurie loves to tell that story while explaining how she started her LGBTQ2+ youth work on the Sunshine Coast.

Reegan is now an incredibly out lesbian. At the odd time when Reegan is not passionately discussing LGBTQ2+ issues, she is writing, walking by the beach, cuddling her dogs, doing yoga or studying to become an elementary education teacher at the University of Victoria. Reegan has a deep desire to teach different types of learning styles to suit the unique needs of her students, create an environment in which every child feels a sense of acceptance from their peers and organize safe spaces for LGBTQ2+ students..


Andrea Routley, Administrator/Editor/Director
Andrea Routley has worked with young people from toddlers to teenagers,  as a daycare worker, ESL teacher in China and Mexico, after-school caregiver and nanny. In 2010, she founded Plenitude Publishing Society, which continues to publish Plenitude magazine, Canada’s queer literary magazine, and is supported in part by the Canada Council. Her own writing has appeared in various literary magazines and in 2014, her short fiction collection, Jane and the Whales (Caitlin Press), was a finalist for the Lambda Literary Award. She combines her writerly and non-profit administrative know-how with her desire to create a safer world for young LGBTQ2 people to co-edit Pride Guide, serve on the society’s board of directors, and generally ensure the Society has a few bucks in the bank to continue its important work.